Racecourse On Bermuda Waters

As of the last week of January teams who have qualified to participate in the America’s Cup finals this year are training for the same.

The next venue for the competition is Bermuda. There are four teams who would be participating. They are gearing up as the main event is scheduled to take place in six months. Four teams who are based in Bermuda currently have undergone a practice race, which the race management team of America’s Cup organized.

The race courses were set up by Ian Murray, who is the regatta director of the organization. The practice races are crucial for the teams to get acquainted with the weather as well as the racing venue. The practice races offer the teams to also line up and understand the kind of competition they would be up against. The 34th edition was completed recently in November of last year. Having taken place in Japan, the British team took away the honor from the defending champion US team. Sir Ben Ainslie and his team had a target of getting the cup back to their country which had not been accomplished for several years. Having achieved the same, it was a historic win for the British team.

Most of the teams who participated in the 34th edition continue to be part of the 35th series. Besides the Oracle US team and Ben Ainslie’s team there are other known opponents as well. Bermuda is no new venue for the tournament as ACRM has conducted races here before as well. The qualifying rounds are only four months away for the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup this year. Hence there is a sense of urgency in getting the practice races underway. Sailors also need to get familiar with race courses, schedules and changes in methodologies that have been introduced in this version.

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