Ed Baird: Tips For Successful Sailing

US National Sailing Hall of Fame member of the 2016 class of inductees Ed Baird discussed the qualities that make a sailor a successful one.

When asked about basic steps that help a sailor to be successful in racing, he said, there is no difference between creating a successful sailing team and being successful in any other sport or business. You start learning the skills of game from talented people and keep your hunger to become successful in the game with you. Join team that has positive hopes and looking for talent people. Then play for mutual benefit, do better and help others to perform better.”

Now, once the foundation is set, keep asking yourself, how can we make ourself better in future? Then you will get great success.” He said.

Baird further said,” Creating a successful team of sailing is not a magic, also it is not the hard work, the only thing that work is, all players have to work together and play with the same spirit.”

When asked about what after creating the good base, he replied, “After learning the basic of the sports, the sailor should give new challenges to themselves. This can be done both with the help of the team members as well as the equipments.” “In addition to that, the sailor should also take the help of the industry to know about the skill that he/she wants to master,” he added.

He further added to the Yacht Rental Croatia website that “The risk of equipment failure is always there in the sailing sport and thus, one should know how to manage the equipment failure as well.”

Answering the question, sailing is more related to enjoyment or winning he said ”Everything we do in our daily life is all for fun. From the time we wake up, it is the fun that inspires us to do something, work harder and win.”

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