Sam Meech In World Sailing

Sam Meech has had a remarkable recovery in Day 7 after what can be described as the worst race he has had this year. Being part of the action in the World Sailing means a lot of the sailors and Sam Meech has been facing grueling challenges for quite some time. The worst race that he had was when he finished in 34th position in the opening race. He was part of the Laser fleet, but he soon recovered and came back to second as well as third position overall as well.

Others who have also posted good scores were Josh Junior in the Finn category; Andy Maloney as fellow New Zealander was also in seventh position after he won the second race. Meech has moved into the gold fleet racing but soon he also found trouble that he had to overcome.

The first race that he completed went well, though he had to face conditions like lack of wind. He was also faced with a slamming wave from which he could not come out in time. On that day Meech felt that it was the worst race to participate in but it was only the first race. However, being part of the gold fleet, when there are instances of bad races, then one can fall back in the leader board positions considerably. He is currently six points behind the leading sailor in the Laser category. There is an intriguing competition, developing in the Finn category, though all the main protagonists had a daunting race on Day 7.

By now most nations have gotten to know their qualifications and slots booked for the 2020 Olympics. The races, as they approach the end of the World Sailing Championships, are defining the leader board positions day by day and the final champion names are becoming evident.

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