Admiral’s Cup Will Have Foreign Countries

International Admiral’s Cup “Sailing Regatta-2016” will be different this year, in addition to participants from India; cadets that have been trained from foreign countries would also be allowed to participate in this championship.

But, the foreign countries will only be those who have a friendly relationship with India.

The tournament of 2016 is the seventh edition of International Admiral’s Cup “Sailing Regatta-2016” and will be played from December 5 to December 11. Indian Naval Academy (INA) will hold this event in Ezhimala district. As said trainees of India’s friendly country are welcomed to participate in the event thus 2016 regatta will witness the first time participation of countries like Myanmar, Canada, Japan and Portugal. These countries will have a special participation in the event this year.

The sailing regatta Admiral’s cup is a prominent international event for sailing that take place every year and it is hosted by the Indian Naval Academy. Trainees from countries like United States of America, France, United Kingdom, Portugal, Poland, Netherland, Australia, Japan, Canada, Singapore, China, Philippines, Mauritius, Oman Bangladesh, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and many other Naval Academies of different countries compete for this championship. This event gives an opportunity to country to promote sailing game with the common people of India too. This should be included in adventure sports in India. Moreover, the tournament by opening international door will help in building better relationship of Indian navies with the navies of other countries. So, this championship will act as a bridge between playing countries. The championship is for naval people and every year it enjoys great response. It is a spectacular event that cannot be missed, especially this time when so many countries’ naval team is participating in this tournament. Last the 18 countries participated in this championship and the USA was the Cup winner.

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