Sailing School Supports the Changes in Harbor


A local leading stakeholder has welcomed the proposals for having a food court at the Harbor of Dun Laoghaire at the ferry terminal that is currently vacant. Alistair Rumball from the Irish National Sailing and Powerboat School has shown support to the idea because he thinks that the harbor area needs to have employment, footfall round the year, economic activity, and most importantly visitors. This change must drive and facilitate all of the above factors for the harbor.

According to reports, the change for the Dun Laoghaire harbor being wanted on behalf of the limited company Lapetus Investments for replacing all the vending elements for drinks and the restaurant to be located on the ground floor proposed in the new plan. Reports have been given that the plans have already passed the permission in the year 2019 itself for developing an area that is co-working and used in the different or mixed way at the pier site of St Michael.
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Sam Meech In World Sailing

Sam Meech has had a remarkable recovery in Day 7 after what can be described as the worst race he has had this year. Being part of the action in the World Sailing means a lot of the sailors and Sam Meech has been facing grueling challenges for quite some time. The worst race that he had was when he finished in 34th position in the opening race. He was part of the Laser fleet, but he soon recovered and came back to second as well as third position overall as well.

Others who have also posted good scores were Josh Junior in the Finn category; Andy Maloney as fellow New Zealander was also in seventh position after he won the second race. Meech has moved into the gold fleet racing but soon he also found trouble that he had to overcome.
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America’s Cup Will Be Tested Again

Following successful America’s Cup Deed of Gift Challenge in the year 2010, Oracle team, which, is owned by Larry Ellison and led by Russell Coutts went on a mission to give a new shape to the event.

The motto of both sailors is creating a competition that just not remains for the sailors alone, but it remains for everyone.

Of their larger plan, creating interest was integral to enhance the commercial attraction of this event. There were not more than required billionaires to provide funding to the teams, they worried, and America’s Cup relevance would fade out if the sailors would not take part in it.

After a couple of failed campaigns, and a cruel court battle, which led to their win, finally Ellison held the trophy that no other sailor would want if they are asked to race opposite him. Continue reading America’s Cup Will Be Tested Again

Star Eastern Hemisphere Championships Won By Nichol And McDonald

Club NauticoVersilia hosted the 2017 Star Eastern Hemisphere Championships and this regatta event consisted of six races that were held over 5 days.

The event took place from May 30 to June 4 this year in the picturesque port of Viareggio. It was a well-attended race and the winners of the championship were the American pairing of Andy McDonald and Brad Nichol. They sailed on a brand new boat, but did not have any difficulty in adjusting to the boat. There were no signs of them to show that they were the apprehensions of sailing a new boat in an all-important championship. They performed like pros and won the event with a total of 26 points.

The second place went to Irish team of Robert O’Leary and Peter O’Leary and they also end e the regatta with 26 points. This was a very close regatta to call and the Americans were adjudged the winners in the tiebreaker race. They beat the Irish team hands down in the tiebreaker race to claim the 2017 Star Eastern Hemispheres Championships. Continue reading Star Eastern Hemisphere Championships Won By Nichol And McDonald

Ed Baird: Tips For Successful Sailing

US National Sailing Hall of Fame member of the 2016 class of inductees Ed Baird discussed the qualities that make a sailor a successful one.

When asked about basic steps that help a sailor to be successful in racing, he said, there is no difference between creating a successful sailing team and being successful in any other sport or business. You start learning the skills of game from talented people and keep your hunger to become successful in the game with you. Join team that has positive hopes and looking for talent people. Then play for mutual benefit, do better and help others to perform better.”

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Racecourse On Bermuda Waters

As of the last week of January teams who have qualified to participate in the America’s Cup finals this year are training for the same.

The next venue for the competition is Bermuda. There are four teams who would be participating. They are gearing up as the main event is scheduled to take place in six months. Four teams who are based in Bermuda currently have undergone a practice race, which the race management team of America’s Cup organized.

The race courses were set up by Ian Murray, who is the regatta director of the organization. The practice races are crucial for the teams to get acquainted with the weather as well as the racing venue. The practice races offer the teams to also line up and understand the kind of competition they would be up against. The 34th edition was completed recently in November of last year. Having taken place in Japan, the British team took away the honor from the defending champion US team. Sir Ben Ainslie and his team had a target of getting the cup back to their country which had not been accomplished for several years. Having achieved the same, it was a historic win for the British team.

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Plan For 35th America’s Cup

Now that the 34th edition of the America’s Cup has come to an end, many are wondering what is up next or what is there to watch in the world sailing events. Indeed, there was a lot of attention that this series caught from audiences and spectators all over the world.

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Admiral’s Cup Will Have Foreign Countries

International Admiral’s Cup “Sailing Regatta-2016” will be different this year, in addition to participants from India; cadets that have been trained from foreign countries would also be allowed to participate in this championship.

But, the foreign countries will only be those who have a friendly relationship with India.

The tournament of 2016 is the seventh edition of International Admiral’s Cup “Sailing Regatta-2016” and will be played from December 5 to December 11. Indian Naval Academy (INA) will hold this event in Ezhimala district. As said trainees of India’s friendly country are welcomed to participate in the event thus 2016 regatta will witness the first time participation of countries like Myanmar, Canada, Japan and Portugal. These countries will have a special participation in the event this year. Continue reading Admiral’s Cup Will Have Foreign Countries